What is an albacore tuna

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What is and Albacore tuna to me?

To me it is that nice whilte flaky tuna. I love it when it’s canned an love it more when it is fresh.

I went on a charter trip one time. We caught 10 yellowfin that were 70lbs and 2 longfin albacore that were around 50lbs.  Everyone wanted the bigger tuna, so I said “I will take the smaller ones”  They just didn’t realize the quality of the Albacore.

Albacore are scientifically named Thunnus alalunga. They are commonly called longfin tuna, longfin albacore and long finned tunny. Albacore are abundant in the Pacific and the stock is healthy. There are many fewer  in The Atlantic. They are found worldwide in tropical or warm temperate seas , including the Mediterranean.They do migrate into northern regions in the heat of the summer. Off of New Jersey where I live, we find them in the deep of the offshore canyons in August and early September.

The big identifying characteristic of the albacore is the very long pectoral fins, that reach beyond the anal fin.They also have no stripes or spots on the lower flanks and belly.The tail fin has a white trailing edge on the margin.

The current world record is 88lb 2oz caught in the Canary Island in 1977 by Siegfried Dickerman. It was 48.4 inches long and was caught while drifting with a mackerel bait. Most common fishing methods are trolling with feathered jigs, spoons and lures. Live baits like sardines, anchovies , squid and herring are also popular.

Albacore is considered great food the world over. It has a rich fishy tatset with the texture of beef. Albacore is used as steaks and in salads, but it is not preferred for sushi or sashimi. It doesn’t have the fat content of bluefin and doesn’t have the firmness when raw. When  cooked the pink flesh turns off-white.

Albacore tuna also contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acis, f protein, vitamin A, selenium, vitamin B12, and niacin, which are all vital for your health


In the United States the albacore is probably the most valuable tuna in terms of quality and profit. Its white meat is canned and sold commercially throughout the country, and, with the blackfin tuna, is the only kind that can carry the label “white meat tuna.


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